Child Nutrition

Serving up Quality Meals and Nutrition Education at the Department of Juvenile Justice

Department of Juvenile Justice works to protect and serve the citizens of Georgia by holding young offenders accountable for their actions and by supporting these children to become productive lives as law-abiding citizens.  Despite that there is confusion and misinformation around the treatment of kids in the care of DJJ. 

This episode I speak with Stephanie Henesy, Chief of the Office of Nutrition & Food Services at DJJ.  She sheds light on what the nutrition department does to nourish and support the students at DJJ.

Stephanie Henesy has been named the 2019 Young Dietitian of the Year by the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  You will have a sense of why Stephanie stands out from her peers and is an award willing young professional by the end of our conversation together. 

This episode we discuss

-      How to successfully on board yourself in a new administrative food service position

-      How DJJ food service compares to other school nutrition operations

-      Gardening programs and nutrition education at DJJ

-      The true purpose of administrative reviews

Fighting Child Hunger and Food Waste with Jim Conklin of Cultivate

Fighting Child Hunger and Food Waste with Jim Conklin of Cultivate

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, Cultivate is devoted to ending the cycle of hunger in the local communities of northern Indiana by providing a food rescue service. President and Co-Founder Jim Conklin joins us to explain how local networks of food suppliers can be formed to reduce waste and child hunger in our communities.